Increased Funding for Seniors, FY 2015

Congratulations Advocates! Michigan’s Seniors Remain a FY 15 Budget Priority!

On June 9, 2014 with a 5-0 vote the Michigan Department of Community Health (DCH) Budget Conference Committee tasked with determining FY 2015 funding levels released their conference report. SB 763 CR-1, which still requires passage by the full House and Senate contains great news for Michigan’s seniors. With grassroots advocacy from the Silver Key Coalition, support from Governor Rick Snyder and the leadership of Office of Services to the Aging Director Kari Sederburg, Michigan moves one massive step closer to becoming a no wait state for Michigan’s seniors!

The DCH Committee Report concurred with the budget recommendations of Governor Snyder which include a $5 million increase for Home and Community Based Services supported by the Office of Services to the Aging. These services include home-delivered meals, personal care, homemaking, respite, chore/minor home repair, care management, medication management and personal emergency response systems.

This increase will have major impacts on Michigan’s chronic waitlist issues which currently see nearly 4,500 seniors waiting for these key services that help them maintain their independence and enable aging-in-place instead of in more costly institutional alternatives.

Also seeing increased funding: a $5 million investment in PACE (Program for the All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly), a $1 million investment in elder abuse prevention, and a $9 million investment in the Mi-Choice Waiver program totaling $26 million when paired with matching federal funds.

Final approval is still needed by the full House and Senate and a vote is expected before the legislature adjourns for summer recess on June 12.

A special thank you goes out to all those who advocated for Michigan’s seniors. With final passage, please consider reaching out to your members of the legislature to thank them for their commitment to Michigan’s seniors.