Elder Abuse Strategy Group

Chairperson: Jan Schultz

AFSI Elder Abuse Strategy Group goals are as follows:

  1. Partner with the newly formed Kent County Elder Abuse Coalition (KCEAC):
    a. Attend monthly intervention meetings (Jan Schultz)
    b. Attend large group presentations to both the community and to concerned citizens.
    c. Help recruit speaker’s bureau.
    d. Help promote community presentations
  2. Serve as Advocacy resource/representative to the Kent County Elder Abuse Prevention Network:
    a. Provide legislative updates.
    b. Research new elder abuse legislation in other states and present findings to KCEAPN.
    c. Encourage support / action for proposed elder abuse legislation
    i.   Organize letter / email / phone support for upcoming legislation
    ii.  Organize travel opportunities to Michigan  State Capital
    iii. Meet with state representatives (introduction to the KCEAPN) and discussion of pending issues.
  3. Encourage involvement of AFSI Elder Abuse Sub-Committee members with outreach efforts of the KCEAC:
    a. Become a member of the KCEAC speaker’s bureau.
    b. Help in outreach planning efforts.
    c. Help with advertising and PR.
    d. Research Elder Abuse legislation in other states.
    e. Research “Best Practices” of other Elder Abuse Coalitions nationwide.

To contact the Elder Abuse Strategy Group or to become involved, email Jan Schultz at janwyoming@comcast.net.