2018 AFSI Meetings

2018 01 19 AFSI MeetingRep Afendoulis & Network News by R Bytwerk, Ph.D
2018 02 16 AFSI Meeting – Sen Schulimaker & Elder Justice by A. Hirschel
2018 03 16 AFSI Meeting  – Rep. S. Johnson & Korea by F. Johnson
2018 04 20 Meeting – Rep. R. VerHeulen & Ethnic Grand Rapids by T. Hendricks
2018 05 16 Older Michiganian Day – Advocate in Lansing
2018 05 18 AFSI Meeting – Rep. Thomas Albert & A Team of its Own.
2018 06 15 AFSI Meeting – Mayor Bliss, Dr. Springer and Chief Rahinsky

If you would like to read a bit more about the Opioid Crisis, you can click here:  https://www.drugabuse.gov/drugs-abuse/opioids/opioid-overdose-crisis

2018 09 21 AFSI Meeting – Dementia Friendly by Lisa & Chris – 2018 Proposals

February 17, 2017

Legislative Presentation

State Representative Rob VerHeulen (R—District 74)

Representative VerHeulen serves as Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee.  Representative VerHeulen also serves on the House Appropriations Subcommittees on Higher Education and Environmental Quality.

Program Presentation

Addressing Climate Change : A Way Forward

Dr. Kenneth Piers
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Calvin College

This presentation will address the issue of trust and truth in the climate change controversy. Then we will explore where we stand today in the progression of global climate change and will end by presenting a     sensible and workable proposal from the Citizen’s Climate Lobby.

Link to : February 2017 AFSI Agenda

In case you missed this meeting I have attached the handout Kenneth shared with the group.

Handout: Addressing Climate Change – Personal

If you are interested in learning more about the organization Kenneth is associated with, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, you can check out their website which is listed below along with a couple other websites you may find interesting.